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Innerspring Mattresses

Rest up and energize on a bed you can truly call your own. At SleepWorld, we make it easier to find the best mattress for you and your family. Our store hosts a wide selection of bedding materials and innerspring mattresses in Houston, TX, to facilitate a truly luxurious sleep experience. Explore your options at our mattress store, or contact us directly to request a consultation. We proudly ship our products throughout the United States.

The Benefits of Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress is probably one of the most well-known mattress types in the market. As such, it is also common in many households. Thanks to contemporary manufacturing and assembly methods, the comfort and durability of innersprings have greatly improved over the years, while also making them more efficient to produce. As a result, innerspring mattresses are a sound, cost-effective choice for both families and hospitality-minded establishments.

As its name suggests, the innerspring mattress is primarily composed of a core that contains bedsprings, which are wound to react and conform to a subject’s body. This core is supplemented by support and comfort layers, which determine how you perceive the softness or firmness of the bed.

This mattress type is built to last, ensuring dependable performance for years. In addition, the “airy” composition of the bedspring core facilitates better airflow and insulation, which promotes comfortable temperatures. All of these elements combine to create a supportive and restful sleep night after night.

The SleepWorld Difference

Invest in your lasting comfort and wellness. Our innerspring mattresses are all designed and assembled in our own, in-house factory. As such, we have introduced a number of improvements over the “traditional spring” to provide a better overall sleeping experience for all our customers.

The SleepWorld Innerspring line uses “Lura-Flex,” which is the best offset design spring system available. The Lura-Flex barrel design provides a better night’s rest. It features a coil that strengthens as it is compressed to conform to the contours of the body, which creates balanced support from head to toe. Each independently flexed coil is more sensitive to body contours and more durable than normal springs.

Enjoy a larger bed with those closest to you. We are proud to sell our new, Sunrise Pocketed Coil Mattress! This luxurious design includes our pocketed coil system, which reduces motion transfer while still providing all of the comfort and support of a traditional innerspring mattress.

For mattress pricing please contact our store. Our sales associates can also help you design a completely customized mattress to meet your unique needs.

Contact our store to request more information on our product selection. We proudly serve customers throughout the United States.