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At SleepWorld, we offer a variety of product lines at extremely competitive prices. When you buy your mattress directly from the manufacturer, you get twice the bed at half the price. We help commercial and residential customers throughout the nation attain the sleep they deserve by building and shipping quality mattresses. Learn more about our mattress center and start building your perfect sleep experience today.

The Full-Service Mattress Factory

The thing that makes us unique is having our factory right on our premises. Our mattress factory gives us the ability to handcraft your mattress for a perfect night’s sleep. Thanks to our 66 years of experience in the mattress business, we have learned firsthand how to manufacture the highest quality mattresses for the lowest possible price.

The Key to the Perfect Sleep Rests with the Customer

No two people are ever alike. As such, it makes sense to assume no two people ever sleep the exact, same way. You deserve a mattress that conforms to your unique lifestyle and sleeping habits. To that end, we are proud to offer a wide selection of custom-built mattresses.

Our factory is well-equipped to handle a multitude of orders. So, whether you’re planning to revamp just the master bedroom, or you want to give the gift of good rest to the entire family, we’re here to meet your needs.

We stock approximately 2,500 mattresses; however, our emphasis is on customizing the feel and shape to the desires of our customers. Whether you need a new bed for the kids or you and your significant other, we’ll accommodate your specific needs. In addition, our well-trained and experienced associates can walk you through the special-order process, so you get exactly what you’re looking for. We make beds of any size to meet any budget.

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Custom Services Fit for You

If we don’t have the exact mattress you’re looking for, our custom design team will manufacture the perfect mattress in our shop. Our Factory produces mattresses that provide the most comfort and support you’ve ever experienced.

We have the ability to create a wide variety of specialty mattresses, from stout-built mattresses to round beds, to meet your needs. If our mattresses allow for a more restful sleep for our customers, then we have done our job. Contact us today or stop in our store to start your journey to a better night’s sleep today.