Memory Foam and Gel Mattresses

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Memory Foam and Gel Mattresses


Research shows getting a good night’s sleep on a routine basis promotes better health. By taking care of your body and mind, you’ll be able to live longer and feel better. Redefine your sleeping experience with SleepWorld. We make it easier to attain better sleep thanks to our selection of memory foam and gel mattresses.

Relieve the Pressure and Rest Better

Memory foam and gel have enjoyed a surge in popularity. The reasons are clear – these mattress types offer a wealth of benefits that improve your posture, overall comfort, and health. Memory foam gets its name from its ability to “conform” to your body. As you lay on these mattress types, the material around the body compresses and molds to your body’s shape. This action eliminates the presence of “pressure points,” which would otherwise create discomfort on heavier portions of the body, such as the torso, neck, and hips.

Memory foam and gel promote better alignment on the spine. This greatly enhances comfort while sleeping and directly translates to better posture while you’re awake. When your body is able to assume a natural resting position, you also enjoy better blood circulation. As a result, your body is better equipped to recover naturally. Another benefit of using a gel mattress is that it responds to your body temperature so you can enjoy a better night's sleep.

Uninterrupted Sleep: The Key to Better Living

Memory foam and gel resist mold and mildew, providing a neat and clean place to sleep every night. They are both resilient and able to cling to body contours with ease. They only change shape when someone is lying on them. As such, memory foam and gel beds are a material of choice for couples or individuals who have different sleep schedules. You won’t bother your partner with tossing and turning, ensuring everyone gets the rest they deserve.

Well-Known Comfort with a Customizable Feel

Get a restful sleep in all kinds of temperatures. Our memory foam and gel lines are new and improved. Many of our mattresses now contain a top layer of our “Frost Cool Gel Foam” for a cooler night’s sleep. The traditional benefits of memory foam and gel, such as pressure point relief and body contouring ability, remain. Still, the Frost Cool Gel Foam adds an additional layer of comfort to our mattresses.

Don’t forget – our store can fill custom orders, too. If there’s a specific mattress you want for you or your family, we’ll be happy to accommodate your requests. Our in-house mattress factory crafts custom mattresses of all sizes. We fill orders according to your preferences and budget for a totally personalized sleep experience.

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