Latex Mattresses

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Latex Mattresses


A good night’s rest depends on the proper mattress. SleepWorld is committed to helping customers with all of their sleep needs. Our full-service factory and showroom sell a wide selection of latex mattresses. When you invest in latex, you’re one step closer to attaining better, more beneficial sleep. Learn about the wonders of latex and be sure to request a consultation to place your order for a custom-built mattress.

The Natural Choice

As its name suggests, latex mattresses are derived from latex material. All latex begins as “sap” harvested from rubber trees, which is later refined and molded into the well-known mattress shapes most people are familiar with. Due to their natural sourcing, latex mattresses are considered an organic product. There aren’t any additives, such as chemicals or preservative agents found in this product, making this a smart choice for sleepers with sensitive skin.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of latex is its ability to promote better health. By gently conforming to your every contour, a latex mattress from SleepWorld provides superior back support and outstanding pressure relief due to its resilient nature and conformability. Latex’s supportive nature also means it will adapt to your body and its motions throughout the night, ensuring a seamless sleep experience. The relief in pressure also encourages better blood circulation, which will promote your body’s natural healing processes.

In addition, latex is able to keep its natural condition easily – it only conforms to your body as you lay on it. This means your mattress will be able to support you for more years compared to traditional mattress options.

Industry Proven

Experts agree latex is the best material ever incorporated into a mattress. Sleeping on a latex bed can help alleviate the aches and pains, stiff neck, and back pain caused by insufficient support from sleeping on a non-supportive “board” type mattress that is too firm.

Happier Catnaps

Are you ready to get that “wow” feeling when you wake up every morning? Once you spend a few nights on a latex mattress from SleepWorld, you’ll wonder why you ever slept without one. Contact us for pricing and customization details. Remember, our on-site manufacturing facility allows us to create new mattresses built especially for you and your family. Contact us to discuss custom orders.